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About Rita Montrosse

{I am a native to West Virginia and have taught art for 34 years at Princeton Senior High School in Mercer County. Presently, I am an adjunct instructor of watercolor and metalsmithing at Concord University.}


{My paintings reflect a personal relationship with my environment either at home in the mountains of West Virginia or in my travels. My many sketches and photographs provide material for my watercolors/mixed media paintings, and have even influenced my jewelry designs. Whichever media I use, I work in a series starting with a representational theme and pushing it as far as I can in developing the concepts. I do not set a limit to the number in a series, just working it until it seems complete. Often a series will be revisited because I can’t release it or I have had an insight into a new compositional arrangement.}


{I feel fortunate that I live in the beautiful state of West Virginia and have been able to work at what I love, both as an art teacher and an artist/artisan.}

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